About ethical principles, community and communication

An ethical principle is an idea that can touch someone in the heart.

Thus, it may come from anywhere. It may be anything.

But it is not a rule or regulation that is devoid of human-centeredness. It is in the end always the being-human that determines the ethics.

A community is a group of people who feel united on the basis of ethical principles.

This is: people who are touched by the same underlying ideas, metaphors

Communication is the act of realizing ethical principles.

It is not mere information exchange. It has more to do with touching someone in the heart.

Principles and structures

We want to be able to convince people through rationality as well as through touching their hearts.

First and foremost, we bring to this endeavor (PeopleOfThisPlanet) ethical principles by way of invitations, not rules to comply with. We do our best to touch people in the heart. We try to motivate them from the inside.

Apart from this, we also bring structures as stringent rules to comply with. In an underlying mode, we base these structures on the same ethical principles and show this very openly (transparent).

This synthesis of two sides, denotable as poetry and rationality, is according to the AURELIS philosophy.

Polymorphism = our ethical principles are very broad. We strive towards realizing them in many different specific instantiations: leadership, health. This realization is our communication.

Our ethical principles are intended to be as universal as possible although we do not pretend them to be so. They are our principles, the basis on which we communicate and build community. As said above, people do not comply with these principles but may be touched by them. Conversely, people are indeed required to comply with our structures. However, we strive for them to comply with these as easily as possible. Transparency from structures to principles is of utmost importance in this.

Community building is the starting point, road to travel, and objective!

The principles are the energy (fuel, motivation). The structures are the engine. Without energy, no engine will ever drive a car. In broadest view, energy can be positive or negative:

negative energy = fear, greed, ignorance

In most cases, this is the main fuel of interest-based loans at present.

positive energy = the alternative

We choose resolutely for positive energy. That does not make us free-flowing idealists. We have ideals, but we ground them very solidly in our structures. Secondly, we believe very much in deep motivation, but only if people strongly and continuously work on it. This requires a lot of effort by many people. Fortunately, it is like a perpetuum mobile in that people who are motivated will, in turn, motivate others. In the end, the source of human positive energy is infinitely large.