People of this Planet intends to highlight one of the most challenging issues: the ongoing exorbitant urban poverty in all major cities around the world, but especially in Developing Countries, and the dire consequences this creates for very many people, especially youth.

We will highlight the consequences the world can face if the issue is not dealt with in the next few decades.

We will discuss measures that can be taken in order to deal with this issue.

We will create awareness on how can you be a part of this social cause.

We intend to take measures in order to eliminate this issue to whatever extent possible.

One doesn’t have to be rich or poor, black or white, Catholic, Muslim or Hindu. It’s a core that in principle anyone can stand behind. It is also a basis on which a continuous process of personal growth is possible for everyone. Within this basis people of all kinds can recognize each other and sympathize. There is no ‘alien’, no ‘stranger’, no ‘enemy’. There are only ‘total human beings’. All people of this planet.


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